Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 14:31:25 -0800
To: "J**** H" 
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re:

Dear J**** H*****,

The only part in my press release (in which I proclaimed myself the atheist messiah) that is meant as a joke is where I say that women will howl my name during intense orgasm.  Really I was just being facetious about women often using "Jesus" as an expletive during orgasm.  The rest has the potential of becoming true.

I only plan to abolish government endorsement (and sponsorship) of worship.

Darwin Bedford

At 08:22 AM 11/20/01 +0000, you wrote:

Mr Bedford,
I recently came across your web site through a friend of mine, firstly i must say that i agree with you on a great many number of things.
Firstly i believe that people should have the right to openly question any institution, especially religious institutions. I also believe that encouraging people to think things through and to question dogma is a great step forward in humanities pe rsonal enlightenment.
However i was most discouraged to read your press release where you proclaimed yourself the atheist messiah. If this link was a joke i must congratulate you on it's subtlety, however if you are serious I believe that your beliefs have made you seri ously misguided.
I harbour too many questions to call myself agnostic, atheist or a believer, however what i love about the current environment is that i have the freedom to uphold my view points, even if others rabidly oppose them.
Your plan to abolish peoples right to worship is frankly, arrogant, the catch cry of any atheist should be "Make an informed choice", suppressing any viewpoint that doesn't align with your own is exactly what the church did during the middle ages.< /DIV>
Once again if your press release was an elaborate joke i applaud you on it, evidently you hold the same idea's that i do, you just chose to reveal them with more guile.
In any case i would appreciate any feedback you may have on the subject
Yours sincerely,
J**** H*****