Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 17:59:22 -0800 (PST)
Subject: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

One Last Word ­ On Godís Word and then I will leave
you to rest, Mr. Darwin Bedford.

For a brief moment, can you imagine yourself as being
God?  You create various reflections of yourself, your
greatest reflective "image" being man, as ďGod created
man in His image.Ē But why would God want a reflective
image? All images, as mirrors, reflect one self, and
in Godís case, all images were created for the sole
purpose to harmoniously work together in reflecting
Godís glory. His glory contains his attributes and
qualities, some or which are love, kindness,
compassion, joy, peace and long suffering.

Its obvious mankind does not reflect these qualities
or do you think that todayís warfare and bombing,
starvation of undeveloped countries, hatred
destruction of the environment to feed our political
and economic systems that exist today are part of
Godís reflective image?

What happen then? Sin entered into the world. We all
know about Adams choice of independence which brought
sin into the world. But do we know the meaning of free
will? Do you have children? If so, you should love
that they have a free will to decide their own joys
and do on their own what makes you happy. If you could
control them to do what you wanted, would that make
you happy? They would love you only out of your
coercion and munipulation.

Can you imagine, God speaks a ďWord.Ē The ďWordĒ
becomes a human being on earth. God owns His word, its
merely His thought. Yet He turns His very thought into
a man giving it a separate identity and the power of
free will, the very power to say to God, ďI donít need
you, and I donít want you, or as Darwin Bradford puts
it, "FuÁk you.Ē  By the way, this ďWordĒ did neither
that and the name of this ďWordĒ that became a human
was Jesus Christ.

I can tell you about Jesus Christ, about sin, about
blood and about sacrifice. But do you really want to
hear this? Instead you violently complain, why such an
elaborate scheme? Why does God have all this hocus
pocus? What is all of this nonsense?  What kind of God
creates all of this hard to understand information and
for what? Or in your case, Darwin, you spit out words
like "fuÁk you." If he is God, then he should have the
power to just make things the way they are supposed to
be-end of story.

Now I will speak and please open your ear for a just
minute of your life. Unlike geometry, physics and
chemistry, the bible is not for intellectuals. Nor is
it for theologians, thatís right itís not for
theologians. Itís not a book to read to learn about
God. Itís a book to learn from God. Itís a book that
the smartest of men fail to understand. Why such an
elaborate scheme? What type of people do you think
will take the time out to read about Godís elaborate
scheme and honestly and openly try to undertand it?
Humble people. People who are humble, who are willing
to admit when they screw up and allow others to take
pot shots at them. They are people who are non
judgmental of others and exercise compassion and
mercy. There are not the majority of religious
leaders, rather they are the nobodies of the world,
the ones who investigate the schemes and the meaning
there of.

Now, get this: the intellectuals who take the time to
investigate this book to obtain mere knowledge, the
ones who like to show off and give fancy speeches,
they never understand the real meaning of the book,
but the poor humble, low intelligent people do. Why?
Are you ready, Mr. Natural man? The answer is the
bible is a supernatural book and God opposes the
prideful and arrogant and religiously pious people,
but loves the humble, poor and outcasts of society.
When a person has both the book to read and the
invisible supernatural Spirit that God gives them,
they can understand the simple truths. Whereas the
wise, prideful and intellectual man who fails to have
this Spirit gets a nice dose of history, geography and
theology but never knows God.

One more thing, it doesnít matter how religious you
are. You can be the high priest of the largest church
on earth, but if you donít walk with the Spirit, with
humilty towards others, you never walk with God. You
may learn about Him, but you never will learn from
Him, the difference being from knowing about someone
from a history book or knowing someone who lives right
inside your very body, thatís right your very body.

Lastly. Look around you and what do you see? Streets,
buildings, cars, furniture and so forth. Just as real
as all of this is, thereís an invisible realm
consisting of more life than you can even imagine. It
takes a humble man who seeks this real life with
something called faith to see it. And were not talking
about blind faith. This faith is based on reality, one
of the Spirit. The only tangible thing I can give you
right here and now is this: Men do not represent
anything, neither do any visible religious
organizations on earth. But Godís Word and His Spirit
out side of this Word do. And these two elements both
reveal Jesus Christ, as Godí very thought materialized
in a human form, paying the price for man's sin with
His blood, dying for him, and forgiving all of mankind
on the face of this earth, for all those who put faith
in his resurrection and appointment as Godís King, as
God Himself.

Very truly yours,