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  Good to see your site, I must say, thought I'd alter the "Wanted dead or alive" mini poster you've got on the front page. Instead of saying he let them die, people should be reminded that, according to the bible, Satan has no power, and God himself di
ctates the occurance of events, meaning God killed all those people personally. No blame for satan, and he didn't just let them die, he killed them all. Thank GOD I'm not a christian. Actually, I'm not atheist either...more agnostic anyways. BTW, I want
 one of those "trash jesus" t-shirts in the medium size. I don't do credit cards or checks; cash only. If there is a COD option, let me know. I'm currently residing at 464 harcourt place, Newport News, VA 23608, but emails are easier to comunicate anywa
  thank you for your time
  John Wilcher