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Message: practices not so good, uh huh, maybe a small majority of churches..but hey, since when was God ever church, in many cases churches aren't the best places ever. but that isn't God. thats the lack of God... I cannot comprehend your reasoning that Christianinty shouldn't be!! it makes no sense to me...Being a christian does Not mean that you support practices that may take place in some places of Christian gathering.. I means simply that you are a person that has a personal and deep loving relationship with Jesus Christ. My Father is the One who stands for benevolence and peace. Your saying that many wars are started due to statements in the bible. these wars are simply started due to narrowmindedness towards His laws, such as 'love your neighbour.'  Last time i checked the bible said nothing supporting starting wars, just the opposite...And as far as 9-11 goes..bin laden goes unsupported by God..he is sent directly from Satan, and can be looked upon as a test of faith,
u have miserably failed..Gods presence was largely evident during the terrorist atack, but in no way harmful..i have personaly heard testimonies of miraculous inexplainable happens that can only be explained by Gods presence.  My dad died when i was young..and now, i have replaced him with my Father in heaven, who has done nothingto intice anything but good in me..he has helped me thru unimaginable hardtimes..and still to this day carries me thru...may my Father open your eyes, and place a new spirit, and new life upon you, its not too late...GBU