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Dear Mr. Bedford:

I quickly glanced at part of your website, it's amazing how negativity and ugliness as you have presented on yourwebsite helps to bring people closer and towards  God.  Because we all need purpose in this meaningless world and to me, for some reason people that do not believe in God are not be trusted.  But of course, people that follow the scriptures in an anal way are also not be trusted.  I also believe God defined in Christian-Judeo tradition is not the only way to describe God. In some religions God is described in a more poetic manner.   But there is a God and the fact people like you cannot get closer to God, just happens to be one more problem in the world.  I do not believe in bringing God into politics or trying to uphold people to manipulated scriptures but I do believe there is a God but trying to get closer to God is the hard part. It also seems that this quest to getting closer to God, is in no way valued.  Or course, the way in which getting closer to God seems to has always been screwy.  So after reading the disturbing quotes on your website, I am going to go pray right now.  For your information, the 911 and other atrocities are the work of the devil. 
Ask the devils in Washingtion, how it happened.  It was their devilish urges that event took place.  Ask the rich and powerful devils that see no reason to help people fight AIDS, poverty, diseases(some now extinct in the Western world), and other petty occurences.  God gives you life, how you choose to live is your business but in the very end you are accountable.  People can go in the path of light or the path of darkness but the choice is the individuals.  The path of light probably does have goodness and the the path of darkness is misery and the consequences to others are devastating.

May you find God in a beautiful way because life is pointless if we don't have that third dimension that brings out love, hope, guilt, respect, honor, and also other desirable and undesirable qualities in us.  I would most of the time they are desirable since there is a feeling God is watching which we need or else all hell would break loose.

Please do not sent me e-mail becasue I don't want atheist material in my e-mail box.  Because swayed by the devil happens way to often and I consider this poisonous.  Life is too beautiful to diminish the greatest element: 
the presence of God.

Luv Jaz

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