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Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 14:47:24 -0500
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Why blame the Jews for killing one of their own? Jews, as you said (underhandedly to be sure) killed him the first time, so why not get rid of him again? HMMMM does that tell me something? Does it smack of predjudice? Jews NEVER believed that rogue little devil was ANY God......all Jews wanted was to be left alone and to live in peace........NOT to start a new religion that would cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of people down through the ages........... AND ALL IN THE NAME OF A NICE LITTLE JEWISH BOY WHO DIED WHILE SAYING HIS LAST PRAYERS.....
And, who, by the way named this little baby? His family name would have been Ben Joseph.......where the hell did JESUS CHRIST come from?????? He would have had dark skin, kinky black hair and a mid eastern countenance.
But most important, the question of 3 in 1???????? Jesus was God? Jesus was God's SON? Mary was a Virgin? Let me ask you one question here..............If YOU had a daughter, would you let her travel miles and miles with a strong verile man to another city and expect her to remain a virgin? ...And then when a baby boy is born.......believe it's a miracle?????????????
All I know, is that if three wise men.....KINGS AT THAT!......followed a star to a new born king, left him much wealth, then left him in a rotting pile of hay surrounded by shitting (but some say talking lol) animals.........that something stinks in the entire philosophy of the story itself....and it IS a story.
Ben Joseph probably grew up a young, scared, shy and religious person...his circle of friends...... men needed to perform certain Jewish Prayers daily. He was most likely very versed and knowlegable in the Old Testament.....thus becoming a Rabbi (teacher). BUT WHO THE HELL WAS HE PRAYING TO IF HE WAS GOD? TO HIMSELF? WHERE WAS GOD? OOOOOOH HE WAS HERE ON EARTH.........WAITING TO DIE ON A CROSS NEXT TO TWO THIEVES.......
And......what excatly was it that this RABBI preached in his sermons to his devoted followers????? PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY, EQUALITY, ONE UNSEEN GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what happens? He dies for his belief and all his followers travel.....spreading the word of their former RABBI......and WOW!!!!!!!!! SUDDENLY HE'S A GOD! AND CHRISTIANITY IN ALL IT'S RABBID FORMS OF HATE IS BORN......... and who do they hate and prosicute?????????????JEWS!