From: "Matthew V*****"
Subject: Re: [WEB-20020903.d9794f] Message to Darwin
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 13:36:53 +0000

Hello Darwin,

    I understand your "boot fuÁk" point.  I am the same way.  Here is a fun game i made for you to try on god fearing people.

If they are a girl tell them to picture jesus fuÁking them.
And i am sure that for at lest a moment they will picture it.
So then you start to say things like.  Did you just picture it?
Oh, you did, you did.  Whoops! i think you just pictured jesus fuÁking you again.  I tried it once on some jehova witnesses who came to my house.  THey left petrafied and shaking and have never returned.
Oh yeah, if it's a male you can say fuÁking mary.  REmember to enfisize that according to them they have sined and are going to hell.
Ha, Ha, Ha!

  Ok enough fun.  Why can't god exist?  I have com to this conclusion through many ways.  Historically, And Scientifcally.  I my self am a Physics student.  I, unlike most anti-god people, don't use the self contradiconary bible to prove that god doesn't exsist.  I dont Know where to start.  I dont know how to make it simpler.  I guess i will tell you in the order inn which i was enlightend.

                     Attack on the soul

     As you know i am in to science.  What you don't know is that i am a Physics nut.  I have a question for god lovers.   First i need to explain a few thing to you.   Chronogenic Suspention.  You may or may not of heard of this but i'll explain it in some detail.  Chronogenic suspension is often referd to as freezing the body.  This is when All the liquids are removed from ones body and his or her solid remains' are frozen.  Like the movie ENcino man, only that that movie is scince fiction and what i am explaining is since fact.  Although what happens in that movie is possible.  I is beyond a rational cance of actually happining accadently in nature.  While the body is "frozen"  All the cells and tissue remain intact.  In fact You can take cells from anywhere in the body and put them in a living human and they will be perfect. that is, the cells will reproduce as if they hadnt been frozen for a considerabel amount of time.   Then later on the frozen body can be brought back to life.  This all must be done to a living human. 
THis doesnt mean you can bring people back from the dead.  This means if you kill someone by freezing there solid body you can bring them back.  Once some one dies the bone marrow and cells immediatly begin to wroght.

    so, here are the facts.  You can kill a person (by chronogenic suspention) and you can bring them back to life many years later.
I know this seems complicated and unclear so i will anticipate questions. 
But i have a question for you to ponder.  What happens to the soul of this human while he is in chronogenic suspention?
I know the answer.  But i wont tell you it yet.
Here are the possibilities.
   1. The soul or whoever is in charge of the soul knows that the
      body will be brought back to life eventually so it never leves
      the body.
   2. The soul leaves the bodie, goes to heaven or hell and then when
      the body is brought back to life the soul must leave it's
      supernatural world and rejoin the body.
Niether seem reasonable.  But i'd like you to think about it for your self.

Write me with quetions.  i will give you more on "why god can't exist next time"

I would like a large t-shirt.