From: "c*******" 
To: <>
Subject: your site
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 15:25:30 -0400

I just wanted to extend a hand and say that I was truly excited when I read some of the ideas posted on your website.  I live in Ontario where they just recently overturned a court ruling prohibiting gay marriage.  Unfortunatly this decision is being appealed by the Federal Government saying they need more time to evaluate the moral implications of this decision.  Which really means...if we let this pass it is going to upset all the religious voters.  This issue upsets me a great deal and after searching for some more information I stumbled upon your website.
As a young Athiest myself I am sick and tired of my country being run based on ideals and values set forth from the bible.  I am a young moter of one and I hope to raise my child in a home where we accept people for who they are and not based on what god they beieve in and all the rest of the religious hockus pockus!!  It's time people realise that not everyone in this country is religious and that the government and the church have no business correlating with one and other.  I praise you for being brave enough to share your modern ideas and for taking a stance about what kinds of things are really morally wrong!
P.S.  where can I get one of those fantastic shirts??