Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 22:48:43 -0700
To: "Emily" 
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: please respond to this.i need to know

Dear Emily,

Hey, I do have hope.  I hope I can clear your brain of Bible grunge.  There is no evidence of there ever being a God -- that's a good enough reason why I shouldn't believe in God!  And there is no devil either.  Let me assure you that these things are figments of our forefather's imaginations.  We have meaning to each other and this is why I am trying to help you.  Actually, knowing that we have meaning to each other gives life more meaning to me than knowing that I am just living so that I can serve the Lord forever ( in afterlife.

Darwin Bedford

At 05:33 PM 7/29/02 +0000, you wrote:

why makes it so hard to believe that there is such thing as God? Give me one good reason why you shouldn't believe in God? Do you not believe in evil? do you believe in the Devil. how can you not have any hope?? ? this world that we both live in is a sad one. To not have a sence of hope would just be adding to the saddness.  if you dont believe why are you still here? why do you want to live.... what meaning is there in yourlife... what does your life mean to y ou?  why is it so easy to believe that people can be so cruel and unjust and utterly evil? but when it comes to beliveing that yes there is somethign good and this goodness can grow people like you have no faith? look around you...think about the n atural world...look at the sky and its beauty adn all other beauty surrounding you. now can you say that there is no God? why do you fear evil if life is pointless anyways. why do you fear becoming a person who has meaning in there life?  be patien t....
i want reasons to why you believe that there is no God.