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Subject: An invitation to read more about ISLAM
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 05:28:59 +0300
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I think some of your ideas are almost near to truth, but as a whole its just imagination. Anyway .. I would suggest that ISLAM gave the most convincing answers to all your questions .. The human brain is not good enough to investigate the UNIVERSE and reach the TRUTH without the assistance of the one whou brought this space into existance. Its like the manufacturer who produces something and then attaches a "manual' to tell people how it should be used. Without that "manual" or catalogue it will be difficult to reach ALL the facts by just using your brains. I am talking about a product that has never been existing and was brought to the markets for the first time. SO then you wont be familiar with its functions nor "the what to do" and "what not to do" instructions unless you get your hands on that "manual" revealing all that stuff. Same goes to existance, life and universe. Humans shall never reach the TRUTH unless they find the "manual" made by the creator (manufacturer) of all creatures (products) that exist, including, Humans. You assumed that the "true essence" has been existing "with no start date" and shall remain to exist forever. God has always existed and his existance is eternal.
As I said, and according to my experience, the books I read and everything that is LOGICAL and accepted by our BRAINS .. ISLAM has brought the MOST convincing answers to all the questions that seem to be a big SECRET. Christianity has a lot and so does Jewdesm, except that in ISLAM you can touch the TRUTHFUL answers regarding all thatt. While in Christianity and Jewdism you find yourself lost sometimes because there has been some HUMAN changes made to the texts and books of those religions. That expalins that someone has mislead you intentionally (for a purpose of his) to believe what sounds ILLOGICAL.
Therefore, I DO recommend you to read - in a VERY DEEP - investigative way the books of ISLAM .. Quran is a piece of writing that can NEVER come from a HUMAN .. You do find most of the SCIENTIFIC discoveries made in this and the last century mentioned in that book which came some 1500 years ago.
Please do go read as much as you should about ISLAM and tell me what you got out of it ..

Awaiting to hear your latest..
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