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Hi Charles,

I'm not impressed with your i.q. so far.  If you can't figure out that I don't blame an entity for 911 either then you can't be too bright.  The blaming is for those who do believe in "God".  It is intended to invoke some questioning on their part to answer questions like "Why would God let this happen?"  This is in the hope that perhaps they would eventually question whether God exists at all.  But for the most part they believe their ministers who tell them that He waited until most of the people were out--and other made-up crap.  The messiah thing is just more mock.

I've only had my i.q. measured once in early highschool.  I am a slow reader which tends to bring down the mark.  I think I suffer from a mild form of dyslexia.  Your high i.q. should predispose you to learn quickly and thoroughly about your human condition.  This will only come if you continue to share your life with others.

With love and understanding,

Darwin Bedford

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  charles mcc******

  im intrested in your views. you say your a messaih but to me that seems a bit over bored dont you think? i do like your t-shirt tho, very humorous. I dont blame an entity for the suffering tho, i blame the stupidity of people in general. What is your i.q. by the way, the smarter you are the more respect you will get from the rest of us. Mine is 162 and im 18 years old, not to shabby.