From: ?
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 05:24:07 +0000

Mr. Bedford, I am a 15 year old Canadian male. I was looking for and some how came upon your site. I was just looking at it and found it to be interesti ng and those reasons I will say soon. I never really truly, completely believed in all the Jesus Christ, Heaven miricle things but I never really denied them. In my school's religion classes, we touched upon Atheism. My teacher just said something about it b eing a group of people who deny belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and all the other stuff. I thought, "Hey, maybe this is what I'd consider myself more or less." When I saw your site I was interested because, well, I'd see if this is what I tho ught I was - was I ever wrong. At first I thought the site was a joke but after browsing, I noticed it was the real deal. I did think, "wow... this Darwin dude is a complete freak!" Crosses being shoved up asses, pins...buttons.... T-SHIRTS!?!? I'm sorr y but