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Hi Jeanne,

I've actually had people approach me in a bar and quote that "Fuck You Father" poem to me and shake my hand.  Sometimes I think that I should have spent more than five minutes writing it.

I posted the question because I know that believers are taught that the book says not to question God.  All hell breaks loose when you do of course (speaking figuratively of course).

I don't usually take this long in replying to my mail, so please inspire me some more.

Darwin Bedford

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  I love the "Fuck You Father" poem.  You are my kind of Atheist...anti-religion all the way.  Hope to spend more time at your site, but sending this along right now to get started.  Do you have a forum or does this letter start a e-mail chat for me?  Anyway, I'll be here again.  That is a good question, and one I have asked theists myself.  Perhaps it should be "How long did it take god to get bored enough before he got creative?"  and it leads to other questions, like, "Was ours the first one he created or just the one he liked the best?"  and "Why did he make so much of it if only our little sun is the important one?"  and "What has he been doing since, just watching like a pervert?"  and "Where did he exist before creating stuff besides himself?"  The possibilities are endless, the answers are never forthcoming from anybody who "should" know.