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  m. smith


  if you try to see God through religion then you a wrong
  picture of who He really is and what His purpose for mankind really is, as well as His purpose for us on a
  individual relationship.its easy to blame everything bad on
  God, the bible tells us that "God is willing that none should perish , but that all might be saved,"
  saved from what , from all the bad things that has entered
  into the world because of sin or saved from sin itself and the penelty of sin which is death;spiritual death,physical death and eternal death.did God bring sin into the world,not according to the bible,but sin entered the world through one man , that man being adam, and by one man bringing bringing deatn apon himself and the human race.
  did God leave us to ourselves even after we turned our backs on Him.He gave us His only begotten Son , that whoever
  should believe on Him should not perish but have eternal life.did God cause 9-11 or bring it apon us a judgement ,certainly not , has not God given us the power and the freedom to choose, to make our own choices ,whether
  to choose right or wrong, to follow God or our own path, but choices also come with consequences,reward for the right choices and punishment for wrong choices ,this is evedent in all aspects of life.religion is not God and God is not religion,religion is of man and men left to themselves are destructive and self centered,this is not the fault of God.