Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 13:20:18 -0600
To: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: debate.... no.... lack of understanding yes..

Darwin Bedford wrote:
> Forget it E***, you are extremely monolibric.  You will never let in the truth.
> Darwin Bedford

Mr. Bedford, thanks for your comment, but that sad thing to me is that

you think you descibe me as never letting the truth in, but on the
contrary, I have The bible here with me and the truth of God's word, to
show me that I have let the truth in, Please show me where I am  guilty
of not letting the truth in when I have God on my side. With out Him
there is no truth. That is the only sense there is to anything in life.
I find this facinating to find someone to talk to, who does not share my
beliefs. will you not endulge me for awhile. You accuse me of being
monolibric. Well, I march to one drummer, that is God. Can you tell me
now why your  anti-Christ? Food for thought, God is the only giver of
life, you included, Why do you deny Christ when every breath you take,
and me included are the barest of gifts that God has given us. HOw can
you say there is no God ,when everything around us displays His
firmament? Joy comes forth in know that all these are gifts from God. As
sure as I know there is hair on my head, there is  God who calls for us
to serve Him all the days of my life. If that is monolibric, well then
that is my comfort, to know that this life makes me accountable for the
next.  Hope to hear from you Cristian greetings ,E***