From: "K****
To: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 18:57:08 -0400

My name is K**** and I'm only 12 years old.  I'm not some nerd or anything like that, just a logical person so hear me out!!  First of all I'm Catholic and I go to a Catholic school.  I have a few issues.  One, the reason why the world has so many problems, etc. is that when God created the world he intended it to a paradise.  When Adam and Eve, the first people, sinned, tricked by the devil, they lost God's trust.  This is called original sin and baptism is what cleans you of original sin.  The world, as you see, is not a paradise, but when you, well actually not you, when someone reaches Heaven they enter into what would have been Earth had Adam and Eve not sinned. 
    Two, I read your article about the Pope being Humpty- Dumpty.  This is blasphemy!!  If you, who claim to be the atheist messiah, is the true savior then why has no1 heard of you??!!  You are some hick who rambles on!  The Pope has almost world authority and if you haven't heard of him you must live in the middle of the desert.  Look at the Shroud of Turin, look at the Spring of Lourdes, look at the jillions of Christians world- wide, look at all the people who claim to have seen angels.  
    Another thing is that you claim that many young people are so-called "Thinkers".  I knowe a lot of people in hisgh-school, college, tons in middle scholl, and some right out of college.  None of these people are your so-called "Thinkers".  They are mostly Christians, Muslims, or other major religions. 
    One thing in your paper that I talked about before is the misunderstinding of the Trinity.  Many Christians even have problems with this and priests have attempted to explain it forever.