From: "G***** G*****" 
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 18:15:44 -0300

hey dude, i saw ur website, and im really sorry to hear youve been so misguided. you see my first reaction when i saw your page was horrer, i felt so bad for u, i still do, that you would be deprived from the truth, im afaid satan has gotten to you...but thats not a problem, Jesus will help you, whethor your willing to admit it or not. You seem to be very distraught about the world around you, that you dont feel God is doing anything about it. Now i dont claim to know all the answers, im just 16 and new to Christ, but i know hes real, he told me, and nothing is mroe real than that. and from reading your page you remind me of a good friend of mine, you simply dont beleive in God and want the whole world to be like you, but im afraid we wont fall, and i encourage you to come with us, for etournal happiness. You made a mention of mental suffering through Christ, i couldnt disagree with you more, i was suffering before i found Christ, and then i found him, and ever day has been AMAZING since, i know hes with me, and he wont let me fall. i know hes real just as much as i know i am, Christ wont let anyone fall, and those hurt in sept 11, they are with him now, and those who lost someone, Christ will help them through that, as long as they dont reject him! and as far as Christians fighting other relegions, that couldnt be furter from the truth, i told you one of my best friends is athiest, and i have others, i dont judge my none beleiver friends, for i know Christ will speak to them, just as he did me. I dont know u, but i do love you, yoru my fellow brother and i hope that you can reform friend, i will pray for you. God Bless you

G***** T***** C*****-G*****