From: "Sebastiaan" 
Subject: Jezus
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 12:51:18 +0200

Hi Darwin,

Jezus loves you. It doesn't matter how hard you fight him, you can  call him a sick bastard or anything you like, but he will keep loving  you. Your drive is this sick world were we life in that's why you do  it. But don't blame God for what you did yourself, it has been our own choice, in the beginning we chose to live a life without God, this is the result, trough Jezus there is a new possible start if you believe in Him. You found your answer in believing in atheism, I found it in Jezus. You fight Jesus as much as you can and blame religion in general at the same time for wars and unjustice.
Who is fighting who??? Jezus loves you, he doesn't fight back, he was killed because he didn't fight back, that's how he paid the price for us. Don't make the same mistake the second time by not believing in Jezus. He will come, don't worry, he will, he waits for the people he loves to believe in Him. He will finish what he started. He is waiting for you, for the time you will see clear and your sight won't be troubled by all the troubles in the world. Don't make yourself blind by looking to what people do to eachother.

He loves you,

The Netherlands