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  your website was a pop-up, but i bookmarked it and plan to return often, i am a believer however frail and messed up. i have always believed in God, not because i was brain washed but because He is who He says He is...and He has proved Himself background and lifestyle has always been messed up and dysfunctional, but He has brought me through...have you read and studied the bible? if not, it's real important to not judge something you have no knowledge of...a lot of people even "christians" pick and choose what they like about "religion" or the bible and stick with those.  the basic world philopsophy out there is do what makes you feel good, what you are comfortable with, what you think is right. it is all very selfish much like organized religion, that forces its followers to succumb to man-made rules and regulations(expectations) even atheism is a religion...because everybody believes in something. whether real or not, we have "faith" in it. and we can make ourselves believe anything...even that we are living in reality.  thanks for listening and i look forward to "meeting" you. tracey chatsis