Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:27:17 -0700
To: David Bedford <>
Subject: ?????

Dear David:

    Are you real?  Do really not believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy
Spirit or any god of the universe?  Do you just expect to die and be
done with this existence?  Not even expecting to get to try it again
like others believe?  I have been curious what none believers think so
you could be a theology  experiment!!!  Oh well, let me tell you that
God is alive and kicking and I know because he talks to me.  Has for 46
years.  Even people in my church think I am strange because I say he
talks to me.  But then I was not put here to care what anyone thinks.  I
am here to do God's work and that is very simple.  To spread love and
caring to those in need of it.  Sounds like you could use something like
a friend.    Hope you have a good life and try not to deny him too
long.  Time might run out and you just might need him one of these
days.  Thank you for the opportunity to spread Jesus.  What a God

Love in Christ,