Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 00:23:35 -0400
Subject: Why do you hate God so much???

Dear Mr. Darwin,
   I was just curious as to why you feel so strongly in your atheist views? I was wondering why you hate God and Christian's so much? You obviously do not fully understand the depth of Christianity, sir. It is a "religion" that takes complete faith in t
he unseen. Christianity is not for those people in the world who can not "hack" life. Christianity is for those people in the world who know that life without Jesus is meaningless, and those people have to be strong, emotionally, and spiritually. I find
 it h
umerous, that prayer was taken out of school, and out of public places. Yet, in the time of all of our nation's tragedy, people all of a sudden remember that God is still there, and then everyone was saying, "Pray for the people who were involved in the
 tragedy, etc, etc!" Why does our nation only pray to God when something bad happens?  I don't understand your views, Mr. Darwin. I don't understand the deep hostility that eats you up inside. Mr. Darwin, I will be praying for you... You need the Lord.
I hop

Sir, do you even know remotly what Christianity entails? I do not believe that you do.  I think you need to do your research on Christianity and take it in with an open heart and mind. Why do you find it necessary to publically mock Christianity? We, as
 Christians, do not do so toward your beliefs. We may not agree with them, but we do not publically slander all you stand for. I will use and example: The wind. Can you see the wind? You see what the wind does (ie moves leaves, rustles your hair, etc.)
But y
ou cannot see wind. This is like God. You cannot always see God. But, like the wind you see what God does, and how he touches people.  You cannot see wind but yet you still believe that it is there, because you see the effects of it. In this same way, o
ne can see the effects of the Living God on their lives.. Jesus Loves You, Mr. Darwin.
                   In His name,  

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