Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 00:26:52 -0800
To: "Ashley" 
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: God is not to blame

Dear Ashley,

Obviously there is no God because if there was he wouldn't have let an event like that happen.  And if the people that the terrorists are fighting wouldn't believe in god then maybe the terrorists would stop believing in god as well.  Then they would not be engaged in such  activities in the name of their God.  So wake up and don't be part of the problem.  One out of every three people in British Columbia have no religion and one out of every five in the state of Washington have no religion.  We atheists are not as rare as you are led to believe.

Darwin Bedford

At 11:21 PM 3/19/02 +0000, you wrote:

Dear Mr. Darwin Bedford

I was recently searching the internet for an entirely different topic when i accidently came across your website. I could not believe what i saw!
I know there are such people as yourself out there who do not believe in God but to blame him for the actions of those terrorists on September 11th is just plain stupid. I attend a Catholic secondary school , and although i do not attend church every single sunday i do know that God is not responsible for those actions commited on
9/11 . You see if you do not believe in God then why do you and all these followers of yours decide to blame him for this ordeal?? It makes no sense to me.

The world came to a stop that day when 9/11 occured so if you have a problem and wish you could do something. How about not blaming it on God, get up and go help fight to destroy whats left of those terrorists in Afghanistan!

yours truly,