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  Larry Wolf


  I submit that if there was a god that mankind insists on workshipping that it in reality it is more likely the devil if anything because a benevolent god would not permit all this crap on earth to happen no matter what the "master plan" might be. 

For example, if a man is walking down the sidewalk and sees a young child walk in front of a car and he is in position to stop the needless carnage and does so he is a good person and even a hero.  However, if others on the sidewalk opposite see the man ignore the child and the child is killed, then that man will be known for what he is:  A heartless monster.

It's a sad reality that this so called "god" has that ability at all times per the claims of all religious people (all powerful, all knowing, everywhere, etc).  And yet children around the world, of every faith, are continuously run down by motorists (or raped, murdered, etc).  And "God" does nothing to stop the carnage day after day after day after day after day.

What a heartless being this "God" is.  That's not something I would care to workship (which I won't as it cannot exist) because it's evil.  Not good.  Pity so many put so much blind faith in "god is good".  And man is blind.  And stupid.

Since I was 12 I have always felt this way.  The concept of a god, especially a benevolent one, is ridiculous.  You see the evidence every day and religious people turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the facts.

There is not god and there never will be.

Goodness is in the heart of man and no where else.

Badness resides everywhere unless goodness triumphs.

Athiests are good people by and by.  Ever hear of an athiest doing a suicide bombing?  Starting a holy war?

Thought not!