Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 02:12:59 EDT
Subject: atheists are correct but confused
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When you read this know that I have no religion. I have gone to church but do not currently go. Know that I know religion is just an organized set of perceptions from a person or a group of people. Something that exists exists in one way. How we see it is up to us. That is where we get different religions. Christians=God. Buddhusts=buddha and so on.

I have found a way to prove what I believe and show evidence.

Something cannot come form nothing so nothingness is impossible. If nothingness is impossible then you must say that energy is eternal. Everything is energy so one could say that everything has always existed. Energy must be eternal or nothing would exist. If everything is energy then everything is the same. I understand Quantum physics and agree. The point is that there must have been an eternal force or energy to cause the first of the first of the first. Something cannot come from nothing so nothingness is impossible.
    The point is that energy is eternal. There MUST be an eternal energy in the beginning. There must be an energy to cause everything as we know of it now to be as it is. There MUST be a first energy. A creator or distributor of all energy throughout the universe. A main energy. A first energy. A first energy to cause the first. If the big bang theory is correct then there must be a force or an energy to create the first of the first of the first of the big bang. A "God."
Want proof?       
       Its Everything.
If you disagree that the first energy was not God then you just disagree on the name. The word God is just a sound that we make with our mouth. It all means the same.