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Subject: Vancouver Courier "A random selection of points to ponder" excerpt
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>From The Vancouver Courier of Sunday, January 9, 2005, written by Geoff
Olson, excerpted from an editorial entitled "A random selection of
points to ponder":

"It's no mystery why 'serious' broadcast news is losing younger viewers
to The Daily Show, seen here on The Comedy Channel. Since most of the
young regard the world they're inheriting from us as an absurd place,
what better showcase for it than an absurd news show?

On Wednesday, host Jon Stewart noted that international monitors are
flying into the Mideast to ensure standards are maintained for the
upcoming election in Iraq. Monitors will be supervising polling in Iraqi
cities such as Basra, Najaf and Kirkuk, but they will be doing so from
Amman, Jordan. 'It's true; the international observers will be observing
the election from another country. I assume the plan is to figure out
who lost by observing which ethnic groups stream across the border the
next day.'

When Stewart remarked on 'the awful footage' on the tsunami, he gave as
an example the morning TV show The View, and its women's coffee klatch.
'I thank God every day, because one month prior I was there,' clucked
one woman at the table. Another added that a friend of hers was in the
Maldives only a month earlier. 'God blessed us.' Stewart waited a moment
for this to sink in with viewers, as the laughter grew. 'God killed
160,000 people! Just because you weren't there, that's not Him blessing.
My guess is that it was an oversight.'"