Subject: In great nead.
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 16:11:31 +0200

You are in great nead for the truth. Encouraged by satan you put this
rubbish on the internet. My friend believe me today; satan lied to you. The
truth is God loves people, even you, and He wants everybody to be saved from
eternal hell. For this reason He sent His son Jesus to pay the price for
everybody. Every single person will bow before God and confess He is God.
For some this will be a great moment, for others like youself, I am sorry to
tell you this but it will be too late. For you there will be no pease, no
rest. Pain will be part of you for the rest of time. Do you know how long
this is.  In your letter you make a lot of statements and it is so clear
that you have never met God. Every Christian can see that. During all times
nobody was able to proof the facts wrong, now you try to do this. People
that is filled with their third component laughs at you. Do you know that
your dog has a soul? If you by now do not know what I am talking about you
must try everything in your power to meet God and get to know the truth
while there is still time. Read Gen 1:30..........see; animals have souls.
My one kid fell out of the car two years ago. She landed in intensive care
with a cracked skull and brain injury. This happened two days after her
tenth birthday. That night me and my wife went home to rest with the news
that anything the brain controls can go wrong. This means everything. We
went to the dining room and read the chapter of the guys that survived the
fire despite the heat and direct flames. They knew God. After we have read
this we prayed to God and asked him to save our beutifull child. We went to
bed but could not sleep. At 2 o'clock the following morning I felt a great
peace in me and went to sleep. Our neighbour took the news to church and 9
o'clock the following day, Sunday people prayed together. Now.......hold on
to your chair.......I looked in the ward register and at 2 o'clock that
night when I felt the pease of God the ward personel was at her bed and she
was awake, she knew where she was, she knew what happened, the knew we went
home but was very calm about it. At 9 o'clock I sat next to her bed and
although she had a headache she was laughing at my silly jokes. At 13h00
that Sunday we took her home............healed...........nothing
wrong.................less than 24 hours later.
There are so many people that can guide you to become a saved person filled
with the Spirit of God, PLEASE GET HELP!!!!