Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 00:22:54 -0700
To: C******
From: David Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Darwinism

Hi C******,

Good to hear from you again.  I still think of myself as level-headed--no, I am not suddenly adhering to Numerology. Here are the reasons why I publish on the net as Darwin.

1.  There are just too many David Bedford's in the world.  Do a google search and see for yourself.  I wanted a more unique name and at the time I went with Darwin there were no Darwin Bedford's on the Web.

2.  I was once fired (wrongly, by the Real Estate Board) for the presence of a naked picture page on the Web.  After some discussions with lawyers I felt it would safer for me to publish with a different name than that which I am employed by.

3.  I wanted a unique or rare name and at the time I chose it I thought that Darwin was not in use as a first name.  I quickly learned that it was and in fact the President of the parent company that I was employed by next had a first name of Darwin.

4.  The lights went on for Darwin because not only was Darwin a scientist (i.e., science vs religion), but Darwin is the farther of evolution (i.e., evolutionism vs creationism) and I had already determined that evolution is a universal physical law.  See my "Simplicity of Existence" article.  I wanted to show my approval of evolutionism over creationism.

There are even other reasons too minor to mention (having to do with personal preferences).  So, I hope that you still think of me as level-headed since I do have reasons that make some sense.

David (to you) Bedford

At 09:40 PM 9/27/2002 -0700, you wrote:

Dave, you always seemed lke such a level headed guy, what's with the Darwin. At the very least, you should publish a page explaining this seeming sillyness for those that will ALWAYS think of you as Dave. Pleae explain the point and purpose if its not an inconvenience.
Cheers, C****** H*****