To: "Darwin Bedford" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:39:15 -0700

I like your page, still reading it, I am a Atheist and I do believe alot of what you are saying. But I do believe humans are here to distroy themselves. We are one of the only living thing on this Earth that just should not be here. Everything is balanced in life, but not the human race (hense, that is why we are at the top of the food chain) We take and Take but never give anything back. I think the only other living thing that is unbalance, in one sense is a germ. It mutates and distroys what it can get hold of. I do believe religion is just an excuse to cause pain and suffering for all walks of life. How we respect our fellow man, politics, war et et.  But there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, People are becoming more educated (some not, Christians) Churches are losing their power more and more. The churches don't build big elaborate shrines anymore, just not enough people interested anymore. ( at least on our side of the world) Deep down in our subconscious people are scared to think that we serve no purpose on this earth and that their is nothing in the end but our useless greed to consume everything around us. So they turn to religion to save them. I do think that nowadays it's not the Christians that we have to worry about but the government. They are the smart ones. They have learnt that they must mutate too just like the human race in order to survive and become more powerful. Churches and Religion have stayed the same way for eons and we have watched they distroy themselves with lies and misguided faith. I do believe in a weird way that governments and religion are kind of our balance and they don't even know it. They make rules, laws, war and everything else in order to keep people under control. And in a sick way it insures us that some one will survive, even if they have to kill everyone else Our world needs religion and government. Think of it, if there were no religion or govevrments. Over my life I can honestly say that I have thought of 20 people in this world to kill, but I don't cause I don't want to sit in a jail cell for the rest of my life. The Christians don't cause god says it's bad and cause they don't want to go to hell. (sure some religions don't care, and love to hurt their fellow man in the name of God) but for the most part people won't. Take away that and it's hunting season. We think we are the king of the world but Mother Nature is always fighting back to get rid of us, she doesn't want us here.

Well thats about it for my bullshit, so in closing, people should do what they love and to fulfill their dreams and goals and enjoy their short time on this earth, cause when we die,  it aint going to amount to a hill of beans.