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Subject: [WEB-20050104.1d9b43] Message to Darwin
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005, 14:37:26 -0800

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  Hey there,
  My brother showed me this site through a link and reading some of your mail (the only word i can think of is abuse) that you have recieved I think it is probs best that I have my say also. I decided a long time ago that religion definitely wasn't for me, as it seems that religion is an active hater of women but I would not aim my hosility at peoples beliefs. It is comforting for a lot of people to believe that loved ones have moved on to a "better place" and people don't like to have this safety blanket removed... it was after all created to keep people in order and somewhat sane against the pointlessness of a lot of things. What needs to be sorted out however is religious texts, especially the Bible. The Bible is the most foul book i have ever had the misfortune of trying to read (and i am an avid reader). The Bible is full of prejudice, it's racist and sexist and generally promotes an active hatred of difference "Love your neighbour.... (unless he's a she, or another rac!
 e, or homosexual, or another religion)." Finally, and for all arguements against mine on the Bible i will leave you with this website:
  -And the moral of the story... you can't be a feminist and a Christian. :) and i know which one i'd pick.
  Thanx for your time.