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Subject: Atheism - I've a question/need help
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I am currently taking a college class on world religions, and am doing a project where I need to chose a religion of my choice and "debate" topics from the viewpoint of that faith.  I have chosen Atheism as my "faith" to debate.  Atheism has always interested me as I've always been Agnostic myself but am coming more and more to believe that their truly is no God.  And now is the perfect time to find out more about
the faith.
Here are the topics I need to debate:
Capital Punishment
Embryonic Stem Cell research
Adoption rights for gay couples
Sex education in elementary school
Economic growth vs. environmental conservationism
International trade in Humans
Animal rights

Your help is greatly appreciated and I am doing my own exploring into Athiesm.
But I haven't found anything in actual print; only things on the web.