From: "************" <************>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 22:08:46 -0700

Hi. I was serching the internet and came across your web site. I was disturbed when I saw the "Wanted Sign" for Jesus. And how HE let around 3,000 people die. Its not like Jesus came down and crashed the to wers. Its the people in our world that did it. We make are world to what it is. God has given us choice. I am a christian. I am struggling. but i have faith. and I know that in my heart, he didn't let thoes people die. It was all part of his master plan . And that hopefully thoes 3000 people beilived in him. Alowing them to go to heaven. I don't know about you. but I would rather go to heaven, then hell. Even to stay on this Earth with smart ass people like you.