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Subject: [WEB-20021010.9c47c5] Message to Darwin
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002, 19:12:02 -0800

Date and Time: Thursday, October 10, 2002, 19:12 PST
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  I must say I am a bit confused by some of the assertions on your website.  It is my understanding that the term "atheist" refers to someone who does not believe in God, rather than someone who just hates Him.  Yet several phrases and graphics on this website express not a disbelief in, but malice towards God.  Could you please explain?
  Also, your website seems more anti-Christian than anti-religion.  For instance, you show pictures degrading the cross and Jesus, but you do not seem to mention other relgions.
  Third, I would like to add that evoluntion and creation are not completely at odds as so many people on both "sides" seem to think, and everyone who is religious and a Christian is not uneducated, "simple-minded" (as someone on the comments page said), or fundamentalist/extremist.  I am working towards a master's degree in biology, and I firmly believe in evolution.  I am also a Christian who believes God created the world-- he just used evolution as His way of doing this.  It's just good to keep in mind that not everyone can be pigeon-holed and people's beliefs and assumptions are often as varied as the people themselves.