From: "Steve" 
To: <>
Subject: Response to page
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 11:11:05 -0700

Dear Darwin,
     Just a couple of points to consider: 1) How do you explain the presence of a giant boat over 10,000 ft. in altitude under a semi-permanent snowcap that matches  the description of the Ark on Mt. Ararat? The existance of the Ark has been documented, at least most recently, since shortly after the turn of the century. Unfortunately, for about the last 10 years the Turkish government has denied permission to outsiders to climb Ararat due to the use of the Ark as a base by Turkish rebels that kill indescriminately.
    Second, while it seems as though you have made up your mind, I would say this--before you close your heart and mind to Jesus
permanently, ask God to show you in a way that would be undeniable evidence to yourself that He exists. Most people I tell this to are either 1) scared to, because deep inside most people believe in God and don't want to tempt him; 2) prefer to remain comfortably ensconsed in their own"beliefs", never having bothered to read the Bible or ever having had a truly open mind. Your account of the Bible appears to be second or third hand information at best. Even if you were to tell me this is information gotten by listening to tel-evangelists, they will tell you no matter what, the onus is on us to read God's word for ourselves. Whether you agree with it or not, in order to make vaild criticisms, one must become familiar w/ the material for there to be any validity to their criticisims.