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Hi Matthew,

Myself and others are irritated that we are continually confronted by God pushers.  We don't believe in God at all.  God pushers constantly remind us to fear God because He is all powerful and controls our destiny (and life-after-death) -- so they claim.  One of the ways in which we show that we do not believe in God is to demonstrate that we are not afraid of retribution from God.  We hope to make it obvious that if we state that God should be boot-fuÁked that people will get that we really don't believe the claims made of God.

I would like to see your input as to why god can't exist.

I have no t-shirts available at the moment, but when I do I will contact you.  What size would you need?

Darwin Bedford

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  I Am some one you want to reply to.
  It seems to me that your site and all the links on it are based on hatred toowards god.  You have some funny facts.
  It seems as though you hate god/jesus.  How can you hate something you don't believe in.  I think that there are 2 kinds of athiests.  Ones like you and your links who believe in god but some trragic incident happend which forced you to hold god in co
ntempt.  And then there are athiests like me who don't believe in god at all.
  I have a lot of input i could give you onto why god can't exist.  E-mail me.  Dont try to convince me that god doesn't exist.  I alreadt know.  But i dont quite agree or possible uunderstand YOUR reasins.
  Can you also send me information on how to recieve one of those jesus trash shirts.
  Thank you
  Matthew ****** P.H.D.