Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 21:29:12 -0700

I found your views very ammusing eventhough they do have some minor philosophical flaws.  I would probably apprecieate your site(s) a liltle more if they were directed at intellegent able mined individuals rather than people who are easily swayed without thinking.  You do seem like a rather intellegent man who has simply been educated beyond their intellegence (I don't know if I need to break this down and define the words for you :)) I do think you are rahter interesting and would like to discuss some of this with you further.  I guess I should tell you, in case you have not already guessed, that I personally believe quite the opposite of you.  I think however that you will find that I am a little different than most of the Christians you have spoken too.  I figure that we can start with a simple question to see exactly what line of thinking you use: Is there such a thing as cold?