To: <>
Subject: Why isn't existence good enough?
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 21:20:26 -0500

Joni Mitchell had it right.
She said we were nothing more than "spacedust"
I have to agree.
We are all just spacedust - a specific combination of atoms and compounds that when united correctly, have the collective function of generating one of the most unthinkable outcomes - life, human life.
For me, I consider existence an honour, a gigantic priviledge.  I don't need the confusions of God and religion to make my presence here more convoluted than it already is.
Think about our known universe and all the "space dust" that must exist, whether in the form of a star, astroid, etc.
The thought of a miniscule amount of "spacedust" aggregrating and forming a living entity renders me speechless.
It would be nice to see this basic appreciation for life come from more individuals. 
Don't think "empty" or "pointless" when you perceive your life without a God...
Think about that lifeless "glob of granite" floating around Pluto and then think about yourself.  Both are "spacedust" - which would you rather be?
Darwin - you got to start filtering out the ridiculous one needs/wants to read the one-liner replies that have "FUK-YOU" as the primary message.