From: "Jonathan *****" 
To: <>
Subject: What a lucky generation
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 22:28:10 -0500

    Two thousand years ago, God sent his only son to earth.  He was here for about..ohh... say 30 years and then....gone.
    Wow, were those people ever lucky! They got to meet Jesus - well actually, due to the primitive transportation of those days, I bet only people in about a 100 mile radius of where he(it) resided actually got to get a glimpse, a revelation, a touch, a moment.
    Wow (I love that word), let me just check my calender of the origin of man....oh this is sad...
    Modern man, or better yet, God's chosen species, has been roaming this planet for nearly 140,000 years now! (Kane, Kevin, Mammology, Mcgraw-Hill Higher Education Inc., 1999) Yes, man was here in the Peistocene Period, prior to the last Ice Age!
    Geez guys...Adam and Eve are some old folk! 
    Well, let me calculate the % of time that God gave us a "little-more" than blind-faith to go on with:
        Lets see 30yrs/140,000yrs = 0.02% of the time that this planet has been inhabited by "ME&YOU" has God blessed us with a physical entity.
    So, just to inform the ignorant "hard-cores" out there that have switched on their selective hearing-aid and disregarded what I have just said (and are getting geered-up to type up an evil reply), lets just recap:
            Apparently, God, who was fed up with our behaviour and sent his son to "set-us-straight", decided to allow countless generations (140,000 B.C to 30 B.C) live their out their "just-as-human" lives as us with nothing more than a hot ball in the sky to go on.  Then, we get to that couple of fortunate generations that lived during Jesus' visit (30 B.C. to  0 B.C.).  They got the works. 
    Now, its been 2000 years later. Nothing.  Our riduiculously large brains have allowed us to remember him and that is still obvious in our society - 'crying' paintings, more churches than homeless, and Clinton's beautiful closing line, " ....and God Bless America". 
    Is God insensitive to other generations? Was Mary just to beautiful to pass by? Maybe our "silicon girls" will be able to sway him to return soon.  Sorry folks, if God is at all predictable, he won't be showing up for another 138,000 years - its only fair.
    Lets just hope by that time, we have something more than organized religion to show him in honour of our faith.  It seems that out de-sensitized culture needs more than just a book and structure with four walls and a cross on top to maintain the faith.
    Well, I out... I got to try to find a way to keep kickin' until 140,000 A.D. I wanna peak!
    Wow..what a question for those 'blind faith'ers" : If the pope (catholics only) announced that God was rocketing to earth tomorrow and would be arriving on his front lawn at 6pm, how many of you would actually make the trip to the Vatican?  The pope speaks the word of God and has claimed to have talked to God.  To not believe in him is to not believe in God!