To: <>
Subject: Pointless
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:06:43 -0500

I came upon Mr. Bedfords site quite by accident as I've come to see,   most everyone else did also.  Very clever.  How can one not stop and read what Mr. Bradford has to say.  The contents are shocking as are his wonderful illustrations.  They're meant to.  Would we stop and read it if it only said...."I have an opinion I'd like to share."  Of course not.  Now saying, "FuÁk you God", will make one and all sit up and pay attention whether we're for or against.  Well done, Mr. Bradford.
So, here I am responding, something I have never done before. (again I must say, well done Darwin)  Am I going to argue? No.  Am I going to attack his beliefs?  No.  Will I try to search my mind and my bible for ways to refute what he has said?  No.  Why?  My heading says it all......Pointless!
Mr.  Bradford relishes a good arguement, a hot debate.  If all else fails and there's no rebuttal for something someone has written, let's just malign their character and call them blithering idiots for believing what they do.  Hmmm.  My aplogizes Darwin.  I was precariously close to that edge myself.
What I will state are facts as they are to me.  No less.
Is there hard, tangible, wrap your hands around proof that God exists? Nope....but is there any that He doesn't??
Is there hard scientific proof that He created the Heavens and the Earth?  None.....but is there proof beyond theory's, that He didn't?
Is there proof that the bible was written by men inspired of God and not just a bunch of shepherds bored around the fire on a saturday night?  No.....but can anyone prove otherwise?
So you see.....both sides will always war on these issues.  Could he have stopped the horrible events on September 11th?  Is He responsible for all the bad in this world?  Sounds like a good scapgoat to me personally.  People from the side of Christianity have tried giving Mr. Bradford the freedom of choice bit.....taking him all the way back to the fall of Adam and Eve but you see, this is an effort in fultility when the Bible to Mr. Bradford is nothing more than pages  stuck inbetween two covers.  Darwin probably knows the bible backwards and forwards as well as any professing Christian so although I'm not telling anyone not to write and let him know your opinions, just don't be surprised or shocked at how he replies.
After all I believe in God?  Of course, I'm sure you could tell.  Does that make me one of the weak minded idiots seeking solace in a myth....nothing more to go on than words written down by who knows?
Absolutely!!!!!!   But you know what?.....I'm one of the happiest most content weak minded idiots I know!  Good enough for me.
Have a wonderful Day.