Subject: Regarding your atheist website...
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 19:04:17 -0700

Dear Mr.Bedford, who ever you are,
You may not not believe in God, but you are a predjudice SOB. Your site is insulting, and it represents atheism not as a good thing, but as something involving hate, discrimination, and bad-will.
If your pissed at God for not stopping September 11th, remember that thousands more have died because of racism, discrimination, hate etc.
No offense, but if you spend your time making insulting websites about atheism, YOU NEED TO GET A FU«KING LIFE. Now that I've made my point clear, I'm sure you won't change. But I'm sure I've hurt your cause. Good job...theres a place in hell for you. I hope you're pround.