Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 13:17:14 -0800
To: "''" <>

I happened across your website by accident. I'm surprised I'm actually
responding to you. I would like to make one comment however regarding your
"FuÁk You Father" prayer.  I'm assuming you are familiar with the christian
version of creation. The world that God desired and created was far
different from the one described in your prayer. If you remember it was
because of man's choice to be disobedient and rebel against God's way that
all of the scenarios in your prayer have now come about.  Because of your
paradigm you are adding to the demise of our world and are responsible for
the very things you accuse God of.  Regardless of whether you think you are
right or not, it will be interesting to see your reaction when you
eventually encounter Him.  My email is: ********