Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 07:52:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: P****
Subject: Your site at


I really do not know how I arrived at your site, as I
was searching for a National Parks site.

However, having read through some of the stuff,
(including the profanities in the graphic depicting
Jesus talking to God), I was intrigued with your
overall view. Can it be possible that as an apparently
educated person, you can miss the overall plan of the
Creator? There seems to be such an undertone of
hostility in your page, that I found myself wondering
what could have happened in your life to cause this?

I am a practicing Christian, who has seen the awesome
power of God at work in my life, through an amazing
set of circumstances.
I lost my father by electrocution when I was 5 years
old. - God has become my Father.
I ended up with a step-father who was a complete
tyrant and who abused my mother both physically and
emotionally - God is our peace and our Healer.
When I left school, I was not allowed to go into my
desired profession of medicine, I was forced to work
in a Bank. After 8 years I left and went to work for
my father-in-law. Ten years later the business was
liquidated, I lost my house, my income, my self
respect, but NOT my God. He was with me all the way.
Over the next 2 years, although we had no income, no
job, my family were never in a position where we did
not have a meal - God's children became my family.
Eventually I found another job, and threw myself into
the work to the degree that, I lost touch with both my
family and my God. In His mercy, He allowed this to
happen, so that I could come to my senses and realise
that without Him, I am nothing.
After 8 years, I was retrenched. I lost my house
again, and again was without income. - My God provided
Today He has enabled me to once again buy a home which
my wife and I will share with our beautiful daughter
and her husband - Plus our lovely grandson. My God is
indeed good. Our children and their spouses are all
Christians and daily see the hand of God at work in
their lives.

My friend, I wish you had as much as I have. I wish
you could be as blessed as I am. I wish you could
experience the immense love and mercy that I have.

My friend, you can experience the wholeness of life
that I have, you have only to ask Him, and my God will
come into your life, and bring you abundant joy, not
to mention eternal life.

I will undertake to pray for you - Bless you.

Your e-fiend in Christ