Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 23:38:57 -0800
To: barry**@*****.net
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Hello! or is it hell--ohhh nooo!

You are very sick with religion.  You are so sick with religion that I don't know if you'll ever be saved.  You are so deep into the Bible and Christian trivia that you are like a fish that is unaware that it is living in water.  You use words that normal people have never heard of.  You are a prime example that the Christian faith is a cult.  You need to visit the philosophy section of a book store or library and READ SOME BOOKS THAT DON'T EVEN MENTION THE BIBLE OR ELEMENTS OF ITS CONTENTS.

Darwin Bedford

At 06:05 PM 2/10/02 -0600, you wrote:
I stumbled about your site by God's providence and found it interesting
and was hoping that you might like to dialogue.  I have been a Christian
for 17 years.  I am a Jewish Christian (like much of the first century
Church, including, of course, the apostles and the Master Himself) but
attend several large Protestant Churches.  I am a five-point Calvinist
doctrinally (please look up on net of not familiar with-- predestination
is stressed) so that might make things interesting.  There is a great
book by Dr D James Kennedy that I am now reading that you might enjoy a
copy of: "What if Jesus Had Never Been Born"  Would you read it if I
sent you one?

Yes Indeed, in some real sense, the World Trade Center and Pentagon
deaths were  God's will.  It is seemingly much worse than that:
Everything of importance is in some sense predestined by God/Jesus,,,,
but what if that has to be the case for God to be God.  Have you ever
read Romans 9:9-24 which teaches that God predestines to heavan and

Please look up the word supralapsarianism.  This is what most Calvinsts
hold to: that God even predestined the Fall.

Outside of Saul of Tarsus (the Apostle Paul), it is agreed by most
Protestant leaders that Augustine, Aquinas, Wycliffe, John Calvin, , Dr
Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards and today, RC Sproul and JI Packer are
the greatest theologians.  And they all shared in common a belief in
what is called the Absolute Sovereignty of God.
Luther accurately wrote in his "Bondage of the Will" in the 1530's
(about 300 pages) in debating Erasmus that "free will" for fallen
humanity is a pure fiction and fairy tail.  What man calls "free will"
simply does not exist.  There is only free grace.  God and perhaps Adam
and Eve had it but the fall of humanity largely =d the loss of it. 

Do people come into being by there free will?   No by necessity by the
infallible and immutable council of God.

Man and his supposice merits is not the arbiter of his own destiny.

To help one understand: Judas was not forced to betray Christ, he did it
voluntarily; but his scewed will being what it was he could not do so
otherwise, for the will cannot change itself.  He acted as he did out of
necessity - the necessity of immutability; he certainly did not act
freely, for he was under the conrol of God using Satan (as his pawn).
Read Job chapter 1 where Satan is controlled/retrained by God.