Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 18:25:35 EST
Subject: people and their beliefs

I hear what you say and after reading many of the feedbacks I can tell that there are many who don't. I do believe in a god but I more strongly believe that I am responsible for all of my actions. It is very sad that people put all their beliefs into something and then waste energy arguing and fighting with others about who's right and who's wrong. It's even more sad that what they are fighting about is the belief in a god. I find it sad and I do agree with you on how that should change because all it does is cause problems to them and to others. But I still believe in a god. I will admit that it is my comfort and my support to get me through the tough times when my ego or self esteem is too low. I am wel l aware of what I am doing but it makes me feel better.
But back to people and arguing over their beliefs about god. If god doe not exist than you're right, what they are fighting for is foolish. But that is their own fault. People have to learn to grow on their own and realize for themselves what   is true or not. It sucks that people get hurt but why not concentrate our attention on something tangible like all the starving people living in third world countries; or how the ozone layer is disappearing; or how the polar bear will soon become extinc t bec ause of the increase of the worlds' climate temperature. That's just a few things. Im not saying that people fighting over a religion is not important but why not fix something that we know we can resolve. We might change WHAT people believe in but it i s HOW they believe in it that is the problem.
I haven't visited your website but have somehow stumbled across wherever I am right now. That's life.

Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts

Sincerely, Fanifau :)