Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 17:52:37 -0500
From: Linda
Subject: Shocked at your website

I came across your website accidentilly while searching for publications
through the U.S. Governement for my tax returns.  I felt compelled to
merely say (not that it will change your view in any way), that I found
it to be full of hate. Regardless of what one believes in or doesn't
believe in the results of that should not promote hate.  Maybe I live in
a fantasy world believing this. But to spread hate for whatever reason
serves no valid purpose.  Yes, I agree that the events of September were
very tragic and I was very much affected by the aftermath.  I would
never blame anyone (spiritually or otherwise) for those events except
for the perpetrators themselves.  The philosphy is that God does not
control us or our actions, he allows us our own free will with the hope
that we will be "good doers" and follow a path to promote good instead
of evil.   He does not just mereley stop bad things from happening (no
matter how tragic), he is not controlling in that way, just as a parent
must let go at some point and let there children make their own
decisions.  If God were a contolling God of only allowing good then
don't you think that your web site would not exist?  Just like he did
not control what happened on Sept. 11th he does not control or strike
you dead to stop you and your preachings of hate.  That is the kind of
God he is.....I never understood why God got all the blame for the bad
things that happen in the world....when a child dies......why does God
let that happen???  You want to know what I think?  I think that the
Devil (being a fallen Angel) helps those tragic things to happen,
because he IS controlling and serves only evil.  Then he lets God take
the blame for it.  Another thought I have is that what is so wrong in
believing in God?  God is good, isn't that a GOOD thing to believe in?
Now, I am sure you woul dhave plenty of rebuttals and philosophy about
all of this and I am not writing all of this to you to argue with you
about any of it.  I really just wanted to express myself and maybe give
you a little something to think about.  Maybe something will happen to
you in your life someday and you will remember some of the thoughts I
have expressed. If even for a fraction of a second you question your own
philosophy on this subject then the time I have taken to write to you
has been well spent.  Thank you for your time and I wish you and yours a
life full of love, hope, and peace.