Subject: ......
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 12:11:44 -0700

your oppinions disgust me....
I don't care what you believe in, it's your choice, but don't go insaulting mine and millions of other peoples religion and God cause you're upset over things that the gouvernment has controle over. our government could change alot of those things, most of our atmospheric shit it cause of pollution....  caused by the gouvernment. God gave us the freedome of choice, and the freedome of doing what we will, he dosn't tell us what to do, he tell's us how things should be done, and the benifits we would have if we followed his ways. I may only be 18, but i'm not an idiot, however i can detect one when they come near.
Keep your oppinions off the internet, and in your sick mind. you wanted feedback thats great, you got it. i don't run around preeching, i do however speak my mind, perhaps you think i'm a hypocrite for what i'm doing but then again, this is directed to you, and not for the world to see... it's sad, i came across you site... and i have no idea how. pitty, maybe God wanted me to show you you're wrong. try taking a deep breath and realising, just because you can't see a greater power of love and understanding, dosn't mean you can place blame on him for things you could change yourself.
He forgives you i'm sure,
p.s. and it's not a reality link, it's a link of your oppinions, remember that.