From: "Jonathan *****" 
To: <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 23:07:40 -0500

Just a comment to all these "blind-faith" believers that responded to his/her article so passionately:
    The idea of existence he proposed here received a shivering response of anger and uncertainty from all the "believers"..
    Well, guess what......
        When Old-Wise-Man #1 turned to Old-Wise-Man #2 after a delicious meal of Snuffalufagous. just after the dawn of man, and proposed the same daunting realization of a "godless world", I am certain there was a moment of silence, a gasp of air, and a long troubled night sleep.
        And when Old-Wise-Man #2 awoke the next morning, I bet (dollars to donuts) he had dreamt up the perfect excuse to avoid that feeling of emptiness - add power
        Power, "out of their power" took the ease of worrying about existence and the allowed more worry to be put into catching Snuffalufagouses. This is where God came in.
        We, humans, are at a point in evolution where we can tell the story, finish it with a fairy-tale ending. Its not our fault....blame it on the superbrains (language) and out social behaviour.
        Common sense folks....Old-Wise-Man #2 had the full opportunity (without bias) to chose a secure or insecure ending to Old-Wise-Man #1's hypothesis.....he chose to safer, more comforting any human would