From: "Matt ***********"
Subject: I love you.
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 04:43:02

After debate essentially all of the same with my Philosohpy class, I found an easier alternative. I'll send them your way...Much less stressful on me. I read one persons comment on the benefit of comfort, and how it is beneficial to the human experience. Comfort from a facade is comfort? Quite frankly, if one actually thinks about a social situation in 'heaven', it couldn't be any better than here on Earth. No arguements, just boring nothingness. forever. never ceasing uneventfulness...sounds more like hell. Also, the fact that some people argue that 'eternity of happiness' or a short life of 'sin and hapiness' is not much of a choice. Hmmm, I know for sure that I'm alive and that I only have one shot at it... Or I can waste the only gaurantee I have and hope that I get an afterlife of mundane horseshit.
Tough choice.