From: "gus" 
To: <>
Subject: Reality or Realty with an extra i ? / SITES 4 SALE
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:06:10 -0600

  Arrived by redirect and became facinated by the impassioned feedbacks. Congratulations on an excellent marketing ploy.
  Wake-up, good Christians, chip in and buy the sites if you desire change of content! (but please retain the music).  Perhaps replace content with a few miscellaneous prayers in hope that constitutionaly deprived school children might accidently happen upon these sites.
  It certainly bodes well for the collective intellect of humanity, to discover that we are all able to share common purpose within the ism of antagonism.
  I only wish that I could find the time to peruse the main site, for whatever enlightenment might be offered. However, I shall be busy mailing grass seed to India, in the case that the Hindi might 'be correct' and in the circumstance that I may deserve the good fortune to be reincarnated in that nation as a cow.