Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 18:45:37 -0800
To: "Amanda 
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Please hear me out

Dear Amanda,

Are you sure about this?  Can you not see that all your reasons are based on your belief that the God gave us the Bible.  What if the Bible was written by man?  If you could only give up the idea that God gave us the Bible--an idea that derives from the Bible itself, then maybe you could gain your mind back from the demise of Bible monolibricity.

Darwin Bedford

At 11:30 PM 2/16/02 +0000, you wrote:

I stumbled upon you website and felt immediately saddened for you. I want you to listen to some of my reasons for why I beleive in God. God gave us the Bible and if you have read it you would find that it has stated that the world was round long before scientists said it was. Long before people discovered space God told in the bible about the countless stars and the many planets that he had made. God told us all about things he made long before us humans discovered it ourselves. Read the Bible and study it with an open heart before you judge it and the maker of our planet. You have you beliefs and i have mine but please do not make statements about God before you have read his word.As well look around you breathe in the air and ask yourself would you rather have been formed by some chance accident or have had someone who made you in his own image and took the time to know who you were and knew you before anyone else did, and took the time to form you in your mother's womb. He loves you and will forgive you no matter what you have done. He sent his only son to die for you. Jesus the only son of God died on the cross for you. If that's not love i don't know what is.
With love from God's humble servant.