Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 12:34:14 -0600
Subject: A phd. Yikes

First of all I thought a doctor helped those for their benefit. Doctors
medicate, give positive ways of thinking. Your doctor friends does the
opposite. If I had friends like him I certainly don't need enemies.
Again you both do not speak the truth, because faith is not something
that needs to be tangible. It is the faith of things to come, our
judgement, vrs our eternal salvation. Have you heard of talking to a
deaf ear. I think that is what is going on. but futhermore, this whole
notion that faith is just a excuse or a comfort or something to fall
back on. Give me a break. Proof that true faith is odvious with us. You
speak of hate where I speak of love and the truth I experience every day
in my life. where you men talk hate. And you say Christian speak hate,
ironically you do that all on your own. You say faith is a comfort, but
you imply it in a negative way. Why? Comfort is a good thing, is it not.
This comfort does not make me lazy in my active life ,it make me realize
how much I need to live a life according to God's ways, as He has  given
to us all.The only real lazy people are those who don't dare themselves
to put there lives in God's hands.  The biggest reason being that we
don't belive that we are going to be all accountable for our actions in
Consider this "Those who are losed on earth are losed in Heaven"
Those who praise God on earth will praise God in heaven. Which speaks of
all our accountability for every action, uttered word. Any way men,
nither am I trying to convert you, freedom of speech as you so nicely
provide for me.  Christian greetings.